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Healer Went From $4,000 Per Month to $40,000 Per Month using 1 Auto Webinar Presentation (& Has Now Hit $90,000 In A Single Month!)
“I’ve just had my first $90,000 month, and usually do on average $40,000 per month!"
Colette Streicher, Map Coaching Institute
Since Colette implemented our 'Amplify Method', she went from making $4k a month to making consistent $40k months and has now went onto hitting her first $100k month. Colette takes massive action and she obsessively works on her mindset too which sets her apart...
generated $200,000 in sales for his new brand and new offer
“With the help of Chris and his team we were able to create a brand new brand, a brand new offer, and within the last 6 months we have generated over $200,000 in sales."
Shane Fozard, Australian Success Academy
Shane has trusted the process and went all in to implement the process that created him a new brand and a new offer and within the last 6 months have generated over $200,000 in sales. 

Strong in sales but struggling in marketing. Worked with Chris and is now getting over a hundred highly qualified leads coming through in a week.
"In the first 3 weeks of launching a new business we’ve been able to do over $100,000 in the new business that we launched."
Kruze Hunter-Boyd, The Conscious Leaders Movement
Kruze was already good in sales but wanted to work with Chris to get his business off the ground at a fast pace. With Chris's marketing help, in the first 3 weeks of launching his new business he has been able to do over $100,000 in sales.
From $0 To $500,000 In 12 Months And Completely Disrupted A New Market Using Live Workshops!
“We made $46,000 together in 2 weeks and then went on to do $500,000 in a year!”
Fazil Musa, The Leverage Group
Fazil and his business partner Imran went FAST - they jumped on board one of my larger programmes and followed the exact steps in Amplify. They made $46k in 2 weeks and then went onto hit $500k that year. 

They run the exact same business I helped them set up that year and now do 7 figures per year from the exact methods we teach people in our business & mindset programmes.
Spiritual Coach Goes From Fearing Sales To Making $96,000 In A Month Using Video Sales and Live Presentations!
“I never had a structure to present my programmes to people, and working with Fast Track Business has given me that along with the support to move forward fast!”
Angela Hryniuk, Ascension Mastery
Angela was doing too much teaching and struggled to make sales before implementing our Amplify Method. She’s managed to create a $96,000 month and does $25,000 to $30,000 every event she runs using our process.
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Here are few More Success Stories from people like you
Mindset Coach Sells The Invisible And Takes Home $38,000 in ONE Day through a Live Workshop!
“I made $38k in my first month of running events using the 'Amplify Method'!”
Rob Parry, Chief of Alpha Renegade Code
Rob knows he’s not a marketer, so he hired us and crushed it in his first month running events with us. He’s another one that just follows the system and gets results.
Off The 6-Figure Hamster Wheel To Working With His Dream Team By Shifting His Millionaire Mind!
“Making 6 figures was easy, scaling was hard... I needed help after spending over $100,000 on marketing experts. I realised, I needed to build a team. After 12 months, the results were WAY MORE than I expected...
...I am now running my dream team, launching the perfect business (with scale) working with amazing people and have the relationship I always wanted - If you decide to work with Chris your whole life will get better!”
Scott Weddell, Marketing Director of The Digital Marketing School
Electrician To Coach Making Multiple 6-Figures
Per Year Through 1 Workshop
“The 'Amplify Method' has worked religiously for years for my business Legends Academy, it has been responsible for consistent multiple 6-figure years!”
Ben Alexander, Legends Academy
Ben took over the legends academy for me, and has consistently hit multiple 6 figures per year by using the simple steps in Amplify. More importantly he’s had millions of views all over the world on his work and is changing lives.
The Mentors Mentor Hires Us To Fill His Rooms And We Deliver Over and Above Expectation
“Chris filled my rooms with the perfect prospects and I made a lot of money from these steps that he teaches in Amplify.”
Joel Bauer, Mentor's Mentor
Joel has taught 1,600 of the top speakers and marketers in the world (he’s known as the mentors mentor) and he hired us to fill his events for him.
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